Sarah Barker

Two-step back in time with hardcore traditional country music as real as it gets. In this tribute to both the artist's father and her honky-tonk heroes, you'll find yourself looking for the jukebox to see where the sound is coming from.

When I was a kid, I had a record player in my room. Somehow, all my dad's country and western albums ended up in there. I'd listen to them over and over again until I had each phrase and every nuance down. As a teenager, I went through a very rebellious rock 'n' roll phase, listening to popular music on the radio. But eventually I came back around. These are the songs in my heart, the music in my soul, and the roots of my raising. This album is dedicated to my dad, Jim Barker. I am grateful beyond words for my early education in traditional country music, and for the pure joy it brings me to sing these classic country keepsakes today.
'Daddy' includes 15 true honky-tonk tracks (2 self-penned and 1 by contemporary Oklahoma songwriters). It was recorded in both Nashville and Tulsa, with some of the best musicians around. Nashville sessions included Kenny Vaughan (guitar), Dave Roe (upright bass), Mike Sweeney (pedal steel), Dave Cox (guitar), Hoot Hester (fiddle), Johnnie Barber (drums) and Rachael Hester (harmony vocals). The duets were recorded in Tulsa with Dan Nieto (guitar and vocals), Nick Alberty (guitar and vocals), Steve Huhn (upright bass), Mike Music (guitar), Rick Morton (fiddle), John Williams (harmonica) and Rusty Hampton (harmony vocals). Mike Sweeney and Johnnie Barber played on the Tulsa recordings as well. If you like real country music that's honest and pure, you've come to the right place!

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