1. Daddy

From the recording Daddy

The title cut, this song has a unique style which sets it apart from all the other songs on the album.  This is fitting, because ‘Daddy’ is what this album is all about. 
My dad is the reason I love country music. 
He always encouraged me to listen to the country greats, and when I started singing and writing my own songs, he became my biggest fan.  I wanted to do an album of country standards to honor him, and this song says it all.


Daddy, all your cowboy records
Ended up in my room most all the time
I’d play them over ‘til I wore the grooves out
But looking back you didn’t seem to mind
            You were right about the Okie from Muskogee
            And Today I Started Loving You Again
            The Man in Black and you are still my heroes
            And sometimes Eddy Arnold does me in
Daddy, I’ve seen the places
Where you grew up hungry so long ago
Thinking of your hometown makes my heart turn over
Because of all the stories you have told
Daddy, I know you wonder
If the things you taught me I still hold dear
Well I don’t recall much from sixth grade science
But I’ve seen the way you hold my mama near