Previous events

Garden Deva Open House '19

Garden Deva, 1326 E 3rd St, Tulsa, OK

Come hang with the Twang at the annual Garden Deva open house!  As a special treat, we'll have Lee Roy Whisenhunt of the Round Up Boys sitting in on dobro.  You don't want to miss that!  See you there!

1st Tuesday Tacos & Tunes

Rocky Road Tavern, 118 S 2nd, Okemah, Oklahoma

We're hitting the road to Okemah, Oklahoma for 1st Tuesday Tacos and Tunes at Lou's Rocky Road Tavern!  We're always up for playing our tunes, but they had us at tacos!  Opening act is the lovely and talented Okfuskee County Ukuladies at 7:00.  You can catch us next, and hopefully the weather will still be nice enough to play out back.  Come hang with the Twang at Lou's!  See you there!

Larry Spears Benefit

Venue Shrine, 112 E 18th St, Tulsa, OK


Cottonwood Stage at OIBF

Oklahoma Int. Bluegrass Fest, Guthrie, OK

Please join us at the Cottonwood Stage at OIBF.  What a great place to catch acoustic music from campfire musicians throughout the campgrounds!  Our good friend Bob Wiles runs the campground stage, with a little help from his friends.  The music starts on Thursday and runs through Saturday.  The line-up will be displayed on a board outside the tent, so choose your favorites, dip in for a few songs here and there, or stay all day!  Have fun at the festival, and we'll see you there! 

Sarah @ Wednesday Night Science

The Colony Pub, 28th & Harvard, Tulsa, OK

Come out to the Colony for Wednesday Night Science Project fun!!!  Sister Sarah is the special guest, and you know she'll be bringing her boys along for the ride!  The fun starts around 8:30 with Don Morris and the Science band.  They'll play a set, we'll play a set... you know the drill.  Just the way Tom Skinner used to do it!  Hang with the Twang!  See you there.

Tip the band! =)

Morning Music at the Round Barn

Arcadia Round Barn, 107 E Hwy 66, Arcadia, OK

Gypsy Twang loves the historic Round Barn in Arcadia, Oklahoma!  Our good friend Joe Baxter hosts several concert series at the Barn  One of our favorites is his Morning Music series, which features live acoustic music in the gift shop on Saturday mornings throughout the summer.  Come hang with the Twang at the Round Barn!

Gypsy Twang @ Burn Co BBQ

Burn Co. BBQ, 423 North Main Street, Tulsa, OK

Sunday brunch at Burn Co. Barbecue, next door to the Cain's in beautiful downtown Tulsa!  Join Brother John and Sister Sarah for brunch, then head next door for the Senior Star benefit concert with Cowboy Jones and the Round Up Boys in the afternoon.  That evening, John plays the Tom Skinner Skyline concert at Venue Shrine.  Heck, you could spend the whole day with the Twang!  See you then!

Women of Woodyfest~ Okemah

The Hen House, 613 W Broadway St, Okemah, OK

Please join me and my sisters in song as we pay tribute to our hero, Woody Guthrie.  Our friend Susan Herndon began the Women of Woodyfest shows as a fundraiser for the Woody Guthrie festival in Woody's hometown of Okemah, Oklahoma.   It's a great opportunity to see these talented women in a showcase of their own.  More details as they come available...  

Gypsy Twang @ Woodyfest

Woody Fest, Okemah, OK

Come hang with the Twang at Woodyfest!  We're playing the new Bound for Glory stage downtown at 1:30 on Thursday, July 11th.  See you there!

GTB @ Rocky Road Tavern

Rocky Road Tavern, 118 S 2nd, Okemah, OK

Come hang with the Twang at Lou's Rocky Road Tavern during Woodyfest!  We play our Woodyfest set at 1:30 on the Bound for Glory stage downtown.  Catch us again at 6:00 in Lou's beer garden!  We loved Lou, and she was a huge part of the festival for us for many years.  Come on in, find a spot under the giant shade tree, order your favorite frosty beverage, and let us entertain you!

Women of Woodyfest!

Bottle Cap Barn, 3600 Rogers Drive, Edmond, OK

Please join us for this wonderful fundraiser for the Woody Guthrie Folk Festival in Okemah.  Each year, our friend Susan Herndon gathers the women of Woodyfest for shows to promote the July festival honoring the life and musical legacy of Woody Guthrie.  It was my extreme honor to participate in the Bottle Cap Barn show last year, and I've been invited back to do it all again!  Will update with more information on the time of the show when it comes available.

Elm Tree Concerts @ The Round Barn

Round Barn, 107 E. Hwy 66, Arcadia, OK

Our buddy Joe Baxter has invited us to be part of his upcoming Elm Tree Concerts series at the historic Round Barn in Arcadia, Oklahoma.  Come hang with the Twang under the shade of the big elm tree for an afternoon of acoustic twang.  We love the Round Barn~ this will be fun!

Bob Childers' Gypsy Cafe'

Bob Childers Gypsy Cafe', 501 W Elm Ave, Stillwater, OK

Please join us at this annual Bob Childer's memorial festival in Stillwater, Oklahoma!  Friends and musicians gather each year to honor our brother Bob, the godfather of Red Dirt music.  Three venues just off the Oklahoma State University campus host music all afternoon long and into the night.  One ticket gains admission to Eskimo Joe's, Stonewall Tavern and George's Stables.  Stage acts are staggered, so you can see everyone you want to see!  More info on Sarah's set time as it comes available.  See you there!


Brother John at the Round Barn

Round Barn, 107 E. Hwy 66, Arcadia, OK

As part of our friend Joe Baxter's Morning Music Sessions at the Round Barn, Brother John will deliver a concert for your entertainment!  If you've never visited the historic Round Barn of Arcadia, this would be the perfect opportunity.  It's the only round barn on old Route 66 Highway, and is just down the road from another popular Rt. 66 destination, Pops!  Come out to hang with John and Sarah from 10:30 to 12:30, and then have lunch at Pops!  This is gonna be fun!!! 

GTB@Centennial Lounge

Centennial Lounge, 1109 E 6th St, Tulsa, OK

Hey Kids!  Come out and hang with the Twang at Centennial Lounge next Friday night!  The lounge is located upstairs at the local VFW Post 577, and is now non-smoking!  Join Sarah, Steve, John and Frenchy for a night of acoustic originals, Red Dirt favorites, classic country and carefully hand-picked covers.  You'll be glad you did!  See you there.


Tulsa Garden Center

Tulsa Garden Center, 2435 S Peoria Ave, Tulsa, OK

Please join us for an evening of festive music, delicious food, and a chance to meet with and donate to Ashley Nicole McCray in her campaign for Oklahoma Corporation Commission!  

The fundraiser will be held in the cozy Linnaeus Helmerich barn at the Tulsa Garden Center.

Katie Plohocky of Healthy Community Store Initiative, Inc. will cater the fundraiser. Plohocky’s menu includes tasty items such as Shrimp Scampi Skewers, Broccoli Cheddar Quinoa Bites, and Fresh Fruit Skewers, just to name a few. Lambruzco’z To Go will also provide delicious cookies and brownies as our dessert and Bohemia Moveable Feast will bring their delightful cream puffs!

Travis Fite, Kalyn Fay, Joe Bush, Mary Lou Morrison Addington, and David Skinner (and more to follow!) will provide their musical talents for the evening, which will no doubt enhance the beauty of the garden that will surround the fundraiser.  Brother John and Sister Sarah will render songs for the cause around 7:30 or so.

The highlight of the evening will be a chance to hear Ashley’s passion about protecting our environment and her campaign for OCC.

Suggested donation is $50.00 and will directly support Ashley’s campaign to win the election for OCC!

This is a 'Kid Friendly" event.

Gypsy Twang @ OIBF Cottonwood Stage

Oklahoma International Bluegrass Festival, N 7th St & W Warner Ave, Guthrie, OK

Come hang with the Twang in the Cottonwood Flats campground at OIBF!  We're playing the Cottonwood campground stage at 5:30.  See you there!


Round Barn Rendezvous

Arcadia Round Barn, 107 E Hwy 66, Arcadia, OK

Our buddy Joe Baxter hosts a fine event at the beloved Round Barn in Arcadia, Oklahoma on old Route 66. On the 2nd Sunday of each month pickers come from far and wide to join in the fray, where music lovers tap their toes and nod their noggins to the acoustic sounds of voices, guitars, banjos, and fiddles. No electricity needed~ we'll make our own as the sound is magically transported up into the rafters and down to every ear! We love the Round Barn, and on September 9th, Gypsy Twang is honored to be Joe's special guest. Come be part of the magic~ hang with Joe Baxter and the Twang at the historic Round Barn!



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