When Sarah sings old standards by Patsy Cline, Emmylou Harris or other such country stalwarts her voice lends an organic quality that makes it seem that the song is alive and breathing all on its own. The same goes for her gospel work... Sarahs own songs such as Sage of the Nescatunga and Octavy Jackson, one for her grandfather and one for the inscription on an otherwise anonymous tombstone with no further information, let you know her deep regard for the past. We didnt make it here on our own. We all share an intense interconnectedness through history whether we know it or not. And Sarah Barker Huhn knows it. Knows it well. Her song Cimarron River Song likens that Oklahoma red dirt river to the mighty Jordan in the Holy Land. It is as real and spiritual as it gets: "I know many have crossed over that river they call Jordan- but I must cross the Cimarron..." - Rick Reiley, The Corridor (Jan 01, 2012)” - Rick Reiley

— The Corridor

This weeks spotlight is Sarah Barker Huhn & Gypsy Twang. If you haven't seen or heard this outstanding band, which is filled with musical talent and sweet harmonies, then you are missing out. Follow them today so you can be part of their ring of friends! ” - Americana Media Group




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