From the recording Sarah Barker & Gypsy Twang

When I wrote this song, I was living in Enid and Steve lived in Tulsa.  Since it was more fun for me to visit him Tulsa than for him to come to Enid I spent many hours driving along Highway 412.  I would stay until the last minute on Monday morning, and then drive into Enid to make it in to work by 8:00.  One time the girl in the tollbooth asked me where I was going all the time, and when I told her she said, “You tell him this road goes both ways!”  I missed him Steve so much during that time, and this song seems intensely personal to me.  I’ve been pleasantly surprised many times over the years at the universal appeal it seems to have.  It seems to touch people on many different levels, and for that I am honored and humbled.  When one of my songs has the power to move someone deeply, I’m the one who receives the blessing.


It’s a fine line I cross
Between heaven and hell
Six in the morning down Highway 412
The bright lights of Tulsa
Fade far behind
The beat of your heart
Is the sound in my mind
            I miss you most in the morning
            Sweet dreams of you on my mind
            I miss you most at the end of the day
            I miss you most all the time
The girl in the tollbooth knows me by name
The radio keeps me from going insane
I pull in to work for another long week
Shake off the blues and get back on my feet
I count down the hours ‘til I see you again
Long distance phone calls, making pretend
You’re right here next to me
Two hours away
I miss you most at the end of the day