Daddy 1/11/39-10/16/14

My daddy crossed over from this world to the next on October 16, 2014. His transition was very peaceful and my sister, my mom and I were all right by his side. I am a big believer in all things happening for a reason and in their time. T...his year, we celebrated my dad's birthday in January by inviting him and Mom to Tulsa to see the Tulsa Playboys at Cain's Ballroom. In April, Dad and Mom traveled with Steve and me to Nashville to record our album "Daddy", featuring the title song I wrote for him. It was an amazing time, and they loved the Nashville studio experience as much as we loved sharing it with them. He had always wanted me to make an album, and he was so proud of me. In mid-September Dad was in the hospital struggling to breathe and by mid-October he was gone from this life. I am so very grateful I spent this 75th year of my dad's life making it all about him and showing him how much I love him by honoring the love of music he passed on to me. If I'd had a crystal ball and known it was the last year of his life I would have done everything the same way. I miss you Daddy. See you on the other side.

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